Welcome to San Blas, a captivating native territory strategically located along the Panamanian
Caribbean coast. This unique region comprises a breathtaking archipelago of 365 islands, with 36
of them inhabited by the indigenous Guna ethnic group. The capital of Guna Yala is El Porvenir,
reachable by a small landing strip for planes. The territory covers an area of 2,306 km²,
represented by a narrow land stripe stretching over 373 km, bordered by the province of Darién
and Colombia.
Since the Guna Revolution in 1925, the Guna ethnic group has been unwavering in their fight to
preserve and protect their culture and traditions. This has led to the establishment of a distinctive
and independent political and administrative system, governed by their own laws and institutions.
As a result, the Guna language continues to thrive and is widely spoken in the region.
The livelihood of the Guna Yala population revolves around farming, fishing in traditional methods,
and the renowned craft of making molas, intricately designed textile panels. Additionally, beach
tourism is flourishing in the area, attracting both local and international visitors.

San Blas stands out among Caribbean destinations due to the active involvement of the
community in providing tourist services. The Guna people operate integrated cooperatives that
have allowed them to develop a well-rounded and consolidated tourist offering. As a result of this
organizational structure, the community directly benefits from the income generated by the
tourism industry.
Picture-perfect crystalline waters, pristine white sands, and picturesque coconut palms await
travelers in San Blas, making it an irresistibly attractive destination. Whether you seek relaxation in
a tropical paradise or an immersive cultural experience, San Blas offers a unique blend of both.
Embrace the warmth and hospitality of the Guna people, immerse yourself in their vibrant
traditions, and witness a harmonious coexistence of nature and community in this enchanting
corner of Panama.