About Us


Today, Panama Journeys DMC stands as an expert boutique destination management company, specializing in curating exceptional travel experiences. With a rich history of crafting flawless getaways, we extend our expertise to Panama, a destination that goes far beyond its surface charm, transcending chic malls and glittering casinos.

Recognizing the discerning and well-informed nature of our clients, our foremost goal is to provide unparalleled service. Drawing from our extensive experience in the region, we have unearthed a true gem in Panama, a treasure trove that offers a multitude of enriching experiences.

Panama boasts an array of riches waiting to be explored, from the iconic marvel of the world-renowned Canal, where massive tankers glide seamlessly through the Miraflores Locks, to the pristine beaches lining the Gulf of Chiriqui, and the untouched cultural heritage of the Kuna Yala people.

Remaining deliberately compact in scale, our approach retains the intimate feel of a family-run DMC. We are committed to upholding this essence, while expanding our reach geographically. Our values remain centered on meeting the ethical, service-oriented, and personalized needs of travelers.

Embark on a journey with us to discover the untouched beauty of the Darien Gap’s virgin rainforests, encounter unique traditions in the Azuero Peninsula, or indulge in the allure of boutique coffee haciendas nestled in the central highlands near Boquete.

Panama can rightfully stand as a destination in its own right. However, considering its proximity to Colombia and Venezuela, we’re poised to help you design the perfect itinerary. Craft a seamless visit to all three countries, tailored to your preferences and style.

At Panama Journeys DMC, we don’t just offer vacations; we craft transformative experiences that linger in your memory, resonating with the spirit of exploration and discovery.