This tour starts very early in the morning so that the hiking trail may be completed; it will bring you to the top of Barú Volcano, the highest point in Panama, located 3,475 meters high. Barú National Park, founded in 1976, protects the magnificent biodiversity and thick forest of the mountainsides of the volcano, and it is located in the south of the continental division between North America and South America, near Talamanca’s mountain range. From the top, you can see both the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean in clear days.

It is home to 250 species of birds which include the hummingbird, the yellow-thighed finch, black-cheeked warbler, crested eagle, bare-throated bellbird, sulphur-winged parakeet, and the mythological quetzal. During the tour, you will be able to observe the lush flora, countless types of orchids, shiny bromeliads, giant oaks and huge bamboos, as well as primary and secondary forests where tree branches are filled with moss.

In the first part of the trek, you will be able to see the vast valleys that are cultivated and the small city of Boquete; deep into the thick forest, sometimes, you will be immersed in its characteristic mist, and when you arrive to the top, you will enjoy a majestic view. You will have time to rest briefly before returning to Boquete.

DURATION: Approximately 12 hours – 20 kilometers [12.42 miles].

TIME: Very early in the morning.

GUIDE: Spanish/English speaker guide.

DIFFICULTY: From medium to high.

INCLUDED: Transfer from/to the hotel, entrance to the park, hot drink at the top of the volcano.

NOTE: Temperature at the summit may range from 0 to 3 degrees. It is recommended to be bundled up. During rainy season, between April and December, trails may be muddy.