The tour starts with the transfer service of approximately one hour to the little pier of Gatún River, few minutes away from Buena Vista, where you will board a pirogue, a motor canoe, to arrive to the community of Emberá Quera, located at Gatún River’s mouth. During the journey of approximately 40 minutes, you will be able to observe the splendid jungle and if you are lucky, its monkeys, butterflies, herons and turtles. Upon your arrival, you will be received by the Indian Chief of the community who will tell you the history of the Tribe and its cultural wealth and that of its traditions.

The Emberá are native of the Darién, who also come from the Chocò, Colombia. They live at the edge of the river in little communities of thatch-roofed palafittes named tambos, for counteracting humidity and avoiding floods. Men dedicate themselves to manufacture the famous pirogues, canoes made by shaping logs, used to navigate even during the dry season. Women make splendid baskets, plates and masks out of vegetal fiber and delicate knitting. They wear collars known as chaquiras that are made out of old silver coins. The visit to the community will finish and you will go over a little island inhabited by monkeys. Afterwards, a typical lunch will be served, followed by a folkloric show with traditional music and dances.

DURATION: approximately 6 hours.

NOTES: Visits order may be modified, even during the tour. You should bring your passport.

RECOMMENDED OUTFIT: comfortable shoes and clothes, hat, sunscreen, repellent, and a raincoat, especially between April and December.