The visit invites you to take a panoramic walk around the hills covered by crops, the slopes of mountains carpeted with coffee plantations and the lush clouded forest. You will take a short trip around the forest to explore it and meet the native communities of the Ngöbe-Buglé tribe. The tour starts with the transfer to La Milagrosa Farm where one of the country’s best biological coffees is produced.

You will go on a walk through the plantations where some of its varieties are grown; the prestigious Geisha coffee stands out among them. The fruits are manually and carefully harvested. Then, the pulp is removed from the coffee cherry, washed, and finally dried in the sun. This way, the particular traditional process plus the passion, dedication and experience give as a result an excellent quality product with unique characteristics that satisfy all palates. Finally, coffee tasting within which its scent, aroma and character are merged while creating a perfect balance of sweet and bitter tastes and blending.

DURATION: Approximately 7 hours.

TIME: To be agreed.

GUIDE: Spanish/English speaker guide.

INCLUDED: Transfers, visits, coffee tasting and lunch.

RECOMMENDED OUTFIT: Comfortable clothes and shoes, sunscreen, hat, sunglasses and repellent.