Los Quetzales trail is the most famous one and the most beautiful trail in the area. It starts with the transfer to Cerro Punta from which you will begin to walk, specifically in the station of Anam de El Respingo Cerro Punta. Straightaway, you will continue along the trails of the rainforest; home to 250 bird species and ideal for bird watching, specially, because of the peculiar species, among which is the resplendent quetzal; venerated by the Mayans and Aztecs as it represented the god of the heaven.

During the hike, you will observe its lush flora with interlaced trees where bromeliads of prehistoric aspect, a great variety of orchids and millenary forests raise, where tree branches are filled with moss and epiphytes. When vegetation splits up, you will be able to contemplate beautiful views of the mountain range and particularly in clear days, you will be even able to contemplate the Caribbean Sea. The tour continues by the course of Caldera River which will be crossed to reach the forest ranger base of Alto Chiquero.

DURATION: 7 hours – approximately 10 kilometers [6.21 miles].

GUIDE: Spanish/English speaker guide.


RECOMMENDED OUTFIT: Hiking shoes and clothes, sunscreen, sunglasses, repellent, batteries, raincoat and windbreaker.

NOTE: It is not recommended during rainy season, between April and December, since trails may be muddy.