The visit allows you to feel the excitement of going through part of the canal in order to observe the actual workings of the locks, which allow vessels to pass through the canal from the Pacific Ocean to the Caribbean Sea. First, transfer to the Modern International Flamenco Marina where you will set sail to the entrance of the canal. In the boat, you will enjoy a panoramic view of the city, the Bridge of the Americas and the spectacular gulf dotted by numerous ships waiting to pass through the canal. Every Vessel should be secured using mooring lines in order to be towed by electric locomotives called mules which move over parallel rails to keep vessels aligned. In a few minutes, water will reach the established level and the lock will open by the side of the stem allowing the ship to pass to the following basin.

The tour continues at the Miraflores Lake up to reach Pedro Miguel’s locks where the level rises other 9 meters, then the canal shrinks and the ship will continue under the Centennial Bridge until it reaches the famous Gaillard Cut or Culebra Cut, known for its meandering bends where the Chagres River converges on. The tour ends in Gamboa where you will return to the hotel. Lunch will be provided during the tour.

DURATION: Approximately 5 hours.

SCHEDULE:Preferably,early in the mornig in order to observe the fauna.

GUIDE: Spanish/English speaking guide from the ship.

INCLUSIVE: Private transfer from/to the hotel, Lunch with non-alcoholic drinks.

NOTES: it is a collective visit along with other visitors, from different countries. On some dates, the itinerary is inverted, that is to say, the tour starts in Gamboa and finishes in Flamenco Marina.  Private guide available on request.