Leaving the hotel early in the morning, we will go to Sovereignty National Park, 40 minutes away from the city in order to get into the trail of Camino de Cruces which was built in 1527 by the Spanish Crown; it began in Old Panama and went towards the sales port of Cruces in the shore of Chagres River where a great amount of gold coming from Central and South America was transported.

During the tour, it is possible to see in detail the great variety of flora in this secondary rain forest which serves as a bride to birds that travel to escape from winter and as a shelter for the most diverse fauna living among bushes, from monkeys, snakes, spiders, to anteaters and other species.

DURATION: Approximately 5 hours.

SCHEDULE: Preferably,early in the morning in order to observe the fauna

GUIDE: Private bilingual guide.

Notes: the level of difficulty is moderated.it is suggsted to wear long pants,hiking shoes,hiking poles, repellent for mosquitoes, sunscreen,a lot of water and snacks.