Half-day visit at San Isidro Farm, where the best rum of Panama is produced: Ron Abuelo. The route starts with the visit to an ancient colonial house belonging to the distillery’s founder: Mr. José Varela. The route continues along the plantations and at the farm mill where you will see the different stages of the production process: the juice extraction, its fermentation and distillation. Later on, while going over the farm’s seedy bars, you will see the rum maturing process which is done in little oak casks until it reaches different commercialized standards: Ron Abuelo Añejo, Ron Abuelo 7-Year-Old Rum and Ron Abuelo 12-Year-Old Rum, and Ron Abuelo Centuria (30-Year-Old Rum) Finally, there will be a rum tasting through which you will be able to sense their scent, aroma and intensity and you will also enjoy a typical Panamanian lunch.

DURATION: Approximately 5 hours.

TIME: 9:30 a.m., subject to confirmation.

GUIDE: Spanish/English speaker guide. 

INCLUDED: Transfer from/to the hotel, visits, rum tasting, and lunch with drinks.

RECOMMENDED OUTFIT: Comfortable clothes and shoes, hat, sunscreen, and sunglasses.